Helpful Hints

Avoid Stain Myths

Everyone has super stain remover, and it’s natural to try and remove stains as soon as they occur. However, doing so many times actually makes our job more difficult or impossible.

We recommend bringing the stained item in as soon as possible. Our experts have the correct knowledge and spotting agents to rectify most problems. ALWAYS AVOID RUBBING, EVEN WITH WATER.


Color Loss After Cleaning

After contact with home cleaning or alcohol based products (cologne, hairspray and some medicines) garment fibers may be weakened. Many times this color loss will not show up until after cleaning.  Remember to keep these common items away from clothing.


Help Us Help You

When dropping off garments for cleaning inform us of any staining. Often knowing the source of the problem increases our success rate.  And please avoid removal of those instruction tags. Although they are always a nuisance, we depend on them for important information.


Be Careful When Shopping

Occasionally we see garments labeled “Do Not wash and Do Not Dry Clean” or “Spot Clean Only”. These garments are difficult or impossible to clean making for a very short life.